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LDBC 8th TUC Meeting

  • Posted on: 9 June 2016
  • By: Damaris Coll

We are glad to announce the tentative agenda for the next 8th TUC Meeting that will take place in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California on Wednesday and Thursday June 22-23, 2016.

LDBC brings academics, industry, and users together for developing benchmarks and advances in graph database technologies. LDBC aims to make insightful the critical properties of graph and RDF data management technology that allows information technology practitioners to make informed technology choices and stimulate progress through competition. The last few years have seen a huge uptake of interest in graph technology from both academia and industry: smarter algorithms for efficiently processing of large-scale graphs are invented, new database systems and graph frameworks are rapidly being developed, and efforts are ongoing to standardize graph benchmarks and graph query languages. LDBC stands at the forefront of these developments, and, this TUC Meeting thus provides a great opportunity to connect practitioners and experts in the field and to further engage in the LDBC activities. 

We are proud to announce an agenda that will not only present the last advances from the LDBC members and activities around the council but also the most engaging researchers' presentations in the applications and use of graph technologies arena that are currently working on Huawei, Oracle, Facebook innovation labs or state-of-the-art institutions, altogether with well-known graph and RDF related companies.

Check the complete agenda in the following link: 

LDBC 8th TUC Meeting agenda

The agenda is still tentative so it may present changes in the following days. Location details can also be found at the former link.

We will be happy to welcome you at the Oracle Conference Center next 22nd and 23rd of June! Registration to attend is still open for a few days (deadline 12th June), so don't hesitate to contact Ms. Damaris Coll at damaris@ac.upc.edu (only your name and affiliation is needed, registration cost is complimentary by LDBC).

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